Friday, June 29, 2012

More Apple App Store Search Changes (Good News!)

Just a quick update today saying that Apple "fixed" (in my opinion) the bug where they weren't searching a combination of app titles and keywords. While I would have liked a heads up before the change, at least they are willing to listen and fix things when they screw up. I noticed a few other quirky things today as well just as a heads up.

1. It seems they have given a bit of weight to "exact matches" of titles IF the title isn't generic. I have no idea how this is determined algorithmically, but one of my apps is now the only result where it didn't used to be. Another of my apps doesn't show up for keywords I have that is an exact search of another app. Other, more generic app names that I have do not get the same treatment. No idea how exactly this algorithm is working, but it is definitely a bit different. This is probably a good thing for most cases, though the auto-complete makes this slightly less useful.

2. It seems only free apps (or exact match title) will show up if you use "free" in the search. I would probably consider this a good change if it weren't for my app that helps people become "debt free." Generally speaking when someone searches for free they probably just want free apps, this corner case is a little frustrating though. I guess it's time for me to make a lite version :-)

For more on Apple's search change check out parts 1 and 2 that I wrote earlier this week:

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