Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Windows 8 Killed My Day

Windows 8 completely killed my productivity today. I decided to buy and download it last night. Since it said it was going to take a few hours, I just left my computer on and went to bed. This morning it was done and ready to go. Awesome, I'll just install this real quick and then get to work. (Work for me is currently working on a BaaS for mobile apps called, solving a personal pain point in my app business and hopefully others). I plan on adding support for Windows 8 after I finish iOS and Android, and I also plan on making a few of my apps available on Windows 8 just to test things out.

The installer prompts me, do I want to keep all my apps, settings, and personal files, just my files, or nothing at all for a clean install. Great, I love this upgrade option so that I don't have to save my files elsewhere and reinstall all my software. Check for keeping everything.

Loading screen, we're checking to see if everything is ready for us to install. Ok good, you're going to let me know if there will be problems ahead of time. Ready, ok install.

....45 minutes to an hour later after 5+ restarts....

I'm sorry, there was an error. We are going to return your computer to the state it was at the start. Shoot. I wonder what could have happened, as it gave me no indication as to what the problem was or how to fix it. I decided I just got unlikely and I would try again. This time though I'd be smart enough to change my boot settings to go to Windows automatically, as catching every restart last time sucked. (I dual boot my iMac with OSX and Windows).

....45 minutes to an hour later after 5+ restarts....

I'm sorry, there was an error ..... Well that sucks. Something about repeating things expecting different results and insanity or something. One more try, this time I decide I'll change stuff and not worry about keeping my settings and apps.

....45 minutes to an hour later after 5+ restarts....

Good news. This time it worked. Apparently it was a problem with transferring my settings. That seems silly, but oh well. Then I remember it just killed all my apps. I'll have to download and reinstall all of those. This takes me another hour or so, and I don't have all of them, just the ones I use the most.

Needed to call my co-founder for something. Shoot, I didn't get Skype back yet. Go to and hit the download button. The "Download Skype" button takes me to this page. It turns out there is no way to download it from their website, at least not one that I could find on that page. Instead, and I don't think it says this anywhere, you have to go to the Windows app store. I find the store in the "Metro" (Modern UI) interface and Skype is on the front page. From there it was quick, easy and painless to get it. Wish I'd thought of that sooner (or maybe that link would have been smart enough to launch the store).

Almost 5 hours later everything was working and I started to get used to the UI. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, I'll have to play with it for a few weeks before I can give a real review. I was a bit annoyed that i took me quite a few clicks and some searching to find the shut down button though. I'm hoping there is a way to pin that to the sidebar or at least the metro dashboard.

Anyways, that's my frustration for the day. Back to iOS side of things is just about done and I'm putting it in a few of my apps now. Hoping to have a beta ready by the first of the year.

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